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Our equipment list

Specialize in precision metal work!

To be the the Largest Scale manufacturer of Magnesium,Zinc,Aluminum die casting metal parts in China.

To be the large sheet metal and profile manufacturer in China.

Provide you a precision CNC machining metal works.

Our company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification!

What machine and dep. in our workshop?

800T-2000T Large scale Die casting machine in 8 sets

Laser Cutting machine 2 sets

CNC Punching machine 3 sets

CNC Bending machine 2 sets

Milling machining plant 8 sets

Drilling plant 20 sets

A punching line 12 sets

B punching line 12 sets

Automatic tapping 10 sets

Cutting&bending plant 2

CNC Centra Plant 100 sets

Assembling equipment Line 3

What we have for your metal products surface treatment?

Anodizing plant

Automatic oil painting plant

Automatic powder coating plant

What machining process we can do for you?

Die casting-Stamping-tapping-drilling-laser cutting-CNC centra-lathe machining

What surface treatment we can do for you?

Anodizing-powder coating-oil painting-polishing-silkscreen-laser marking