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Our extruded aluminum enclosures used for portable solar generatoer enclosures

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Author : Sunny
Update time : 2019-08-16 10:11:20
This solar generator enclousres size in 158X153mm can use for 350w 450w portable solar generatoer , The appearance is not only beautiful and elegant, but also the enclosure made of aluminum alloy with good heat dissipation performance.

Portable energy storage solar household generators offer several advantages over traditional gasoline generators. The solar generator is very quiet, does not produce unpleasant smell, and the environment is easier. But the biggest advantage of recommending solar generators is that they do not need external fuel sources to function. If the choice is correct, the solar generator can support your family's basic electricity demand without relying on obtaining gasoline, which may be unreliable in any type of emergency, thus making backup power a smart investment.