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Bolt-On Kit Turns Stock Yamaha Into Sweet Custom for $1,000

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Update time : 2019-07-01 00:03:16

Bolt-On Kit Turns Stock Yamaha Into Sweet manners although $1,000

Introducing the new “Janus” kit; a $1,000, 17-piece, bolt-on, aluminum body kit although Yamaha's MT-03

Custom motorcycle kits transfer much of the headache involved at modifying a stock two-wheeler by negating the absence although design, fabrication, a workplace, and specialized tools. The scene of offering an out-of-the-box manners is nothing new, besides Istanbul’s Bunker manners Cycles has neutral taken the conception although a bespoke bolt-on bike and simplified it with its new “Janus” kit although the Yamaha MT-03 and MT-25.

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The Janus kit makes manners ownership markedly more accessible although a myriad of reasons. First off the body kit uses the tiny MT’s existing stock mounting points, which mode no chassis or subframe modification is required. at fact, vulgar that’s needed ought intimate the transformation is an hex key, a socket wrench, and a link hours of a Sunday afternoon. The new 17-piece kit sells although almost a grand, making it a reasonably affordable offering when compared ought existing bolt-on manners kits from other brands or how much it used to price ought recreate something similar this from scratch.

“Garage civilization isn’t exactly ingrained at urban living, people alive mainly at high-rise quarters buildings. Finding a garage equipped with the indispensable tools although customization jobs is challenging. Finding skillful craftsman who can comprehend and slaughter your eyesight is level more problematic. We wanted ought assist people conquer these difficulties and invent it easier ought build their have manners bike. absence of kits similar these was the capital driver after our beginnings years ago. Janus makes manners bike dreams a reality although anyone,” illustrate brothers can and Mert Uzer, the strength after the Turkish customs shop.

The Uzer brothers started the project above paper, sketching out and honing at above a create ago churning out wooden bucks ought form the aluminum panels. although this wasn’t a one-off endeavor, the brothers made sure each isolate conform perfectly, ago moving above ought 3D scanning each piece. According ought Bunker, molds ought journal the body kits are currently being produced out of the accurate 3D scans and the few product flow is scheduled ought begin at the near future.

“From create ought build took six months, besides we’ve been working although years above the methods of mass product of the parts, and trying ought determine above the exact platform. And the MT-25 / MT-03 was the best platform although it.”

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On sumit of looking handsome damn snazzy, the Janus kit although noise shaves near ought three pounds off the Yamaha’s 370lb check weight.

“We chose the Yamaha MT-25 platform no maiden although its agile and responsive handling, besides although noise although the torquey 2-cylinder machinery that red-lines at 14K rpm. The 250cc platform is proper although riders within a broad mountain of skill, experience, and physique,” the brothers said.

The Uzer brothers dubbed the kit “the Janus”, after the two-faced Roman god of gates, transitions, time, duality, beginnings, and endings who looks ought both the past and the future.

“Janus’ create language carries ship 80’s Café Racer grace into the modern-day urban ecosystem. Its undoubtedly timeless lines merges past and future, nostalgia and high tech, manners and progress, custom, and routine.”

The body kit ships out at bare, unpainted aluminum, giving owners the alternative of leaving the raw metal exposed or having it painted cabin they’d like. Bunker’s prototype instance sports almost a dozen additional bolt-on aftermarket goodies ought farther intimate the one-off-aesthetic and fasten the build together. still customers are obviously at freedom ought choice their have additional aftermarket bits, the additional components above the Janus instance seen at the photos involve EBC discs, DID Pro road VX2 chain, Pirelli Rosso 2 tires, Yamaha LED signals, R and G tail tidy, Bike Master high Sider 6 inch headlight, LSL Aluminum Headlight Mounts, Biltwell Inc grips, and vulgar Akrapovic Racing exhaust and silencer.

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Complete versions of the kit are available, although are lower- and upper-body kits, although buying the intimate pack offers much improve bang although your buck. The intimate kit includes new tank covers, side-panels, belly-pan, radiator covers, tail-section (with seat and removable two-up collide cover), front-fender, and tinted windscreen that’s housed at its have manners brackets. if ordered previous ought June 1, 2018, the vulgar kit can be purchased although neutral €850 (approximately $1,047 at today's exchange rates), still the upper-body kit is €785 (which comes out ought $967) and the lower-body kit is €450 (or $554 when converted ought USD). after June the charge although the vulgar kit goes up ought €1,400 (or $1,725), consequently I’d meaning pre-ordering now if you hope ought employ your hands above one of these without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, Yamaha doesn’t propose the MT-03 at the US market, although it is available at the European, Asian, and Australian markets. Honda did neutral declare that the CB300R will be coming ought US shores although a 2019 model, consequently there's wish however that the tuning fork company can carry the MT-03 ought North America. There’s although noise a practically coat version with a slightly smaller quarter-liter displacement is available at the Turkish neutral (think GSX-R600 vs GSX-R750) known although the MT-25 which the Janus kit although noise fits.

To shriek on additional photos or apprehend more almost Bunker’s Janus kit you can check out the kit’s page above the shop’s website by clicking here.

Photos courtesy of Bunker manners Cycles