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Specialize in precision metal work in China!


Established in 2008,Shenzhen E -Booming Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional factory to manufacturing electronic extruded aluminum enclosures , aluminum heat sink ,customized injection plastic enclsoures ,switching power supply enclsoures , sheet metal fabrications, LED cabinet and CNC machining metal parts in demostic and abroad!

Our company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification!

What machine and dep. in our workshop?

800T-2000T plastic injection machine in 10 sets
Laser Cutting machine 2 sets

CNC Punching machine 3 sets

CNC Bending machine 2 sets

Milling machining plant 8 sets

Drilling plant 20 sets

A punching line 12 sets

B punching line 12 sets

Automatic tapping 10 sets
CNC Centra Plant 20 sets
CNC lathe machine 8 sets

Assembling equipment Line 3


What we have for your metal products surface treatment?

Anodizing plant

Automatic oil painting plant

Automatic powder coating plant


What machining process we can do for you?

Profile cutting-Die casting-Stamping-tapping-drilling-laser cutting-CNC center-lathe machining-polishing


What surface treatment we can do for you?

Anodizing-powder coating-oil painting-polishing-silkscreen-laser marking