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Commonly used aluminum alloy grades for aluminum profile radiators aluminum heatsink extrusion

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Author : Dodin Chen
Update time : 2023-03-07 19:46:16
Generally, aluminum alloy heat sink profiles do not have standard specifications and sizes, and are usually customized. Custom aluminum radiators usually use the following
1. Al6063/AI6061 aluminum alloy
Excellent plasticity makes it possible to manufacture aluminum alloy heat sinks by extrusion process. Heat sinks of almost any shape can be manufactured, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, and the machinability is high.
2. Pure aluminum
It is mostly used in environments that require high thermal conductivity. Generally less used.
Which brand of aluminum profile has good heat dissipation performance?
Good heat dissipation performance, the most widely used model is 6063 aluminum alloy material, because 6063 material has good heat dissipation effect, easy processing, and good surface treatment effect, so it is widely favored by aluminum profile radiator manufacturers.
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