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How to distinguish the quality of aluminum shell profiles

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Update time : 2019-05-13 17:52:47

he quality of aluminum shells is good or bad. This depends mainly on the quality of aluminum profiles.

How to judge the quality of aluminum profiles? Friends who are familiar with aluminum shells know that the number of aluminum shells that consumers generally buy is very large.

If you check the quality of aluminum profiles one by one, it is undoubtedly impossible, so choosing a regular aluminum shell manufacturer is the key. 

So how do you tell the quality of aluminum profiles made of aluminum? Regular aluminum shell manufacturers give the following recommendations:

1. Marking inspection: Whether the product standard code and production license number are marked on the aluminum frame and packaging.

2.surface quality: aluminum surface of the chassis should be clean, not allowed to have cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles and other defects, but also do not allow corrosion spots, electric burns, black spots, oxide film peeling and other defects.

3. Oxide film thickness: The oxide film of aluminum profile is formed in anodizing, which has protection and decoration effect, and can be detected by eddy current thickness gauge.

Aluminum shell

4. Sealing quality: There are many voids left on the surface of the aluminum profile after anodizing. If it is not closed or closed, the corrosion resistance of the aluminum profile will be reduced.

Common methods for sealing quality inspection include acid leaching, admittance and phosphorous acid. In the on-site inspection, the acid leaching method is generally adopted.

The surface of the aluminum profile is wiped clean with acetone to remove oil and dust. The nitric acid having a volume ratio of 50% is dripped onto the surface and gently scrubbed. After 1 minute, the nitric acid is washed away with water, and then wiped.

Dry, drop a drop of medical purple medicine onto the surface. After 1 minute, wipe off the purple syrup and thoroughly clean the surface. Carefully observe the traces left.

The aluminum profile with poor sealing will leave obvious marks. The heavier the marks, the quality of the sealing. The worse.

5. Corrosion resistance: This index mainly affects the life of aluminum profiles. The corrosion resistance test has copper accelerated acetate spray test and drop alkali test. 

The drop alkali test is introduced here, that is, at 35 °C ± 1 °C, it will be about 10mg, 100g / L NaOH solution was dripped onto the surface of the aluminum profile, and the droplets were visually observed until corrosive bubbling occurred, and the time of penetration of the oxide film was calculated.

This test is easy to judge in the outdoor step in summer, in order to ensure the test. The accuracy must be carried out under the strict conditions of the laboratory.

Regular aluminum profile manufacturers have internal standards when formulating alloy components.

Within the range of various elemental contents, each factory has their own smaller range of variation. The ratio between aluminum, magnesium and silicon is very strict. Each factory has its own data and keeps it confidential.

An alloy made of qualified formula can guarantee the quality, otherwise it will not be processed in the future, but the quality of the aluminum shell will be affected.