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How to Install IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

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Update time : 2019-06-12 16:06:29

Before you install your IKEA kitchen cabinets, you’ll absence ought conclude them by following the instructions that came with the package. Once you’ve post them together, you’ll absence ought climb them securely ought your kitchen’s walls. By making a detailed project though yourself and ensuring that the suspension rails are even and firmly at the studs, hanging and securing your new cabinets will exist a breeze!

1. Planning Your Installation

1) confess letter of utilities connections if installing base cabinets. This is primarily important if you are planning above installing a drop into one of your cabinets, though you will absence ought post that cabinet where it can unite easily ought the plumbing. You to exist capable ought visit the pipes or openings coming up over the floor.

2) haul lines using a soul even though where your suspension rails will go. conduct no haul the lines though your suspension rails freehand or even using neutral a ruler. at order though your cabinets ought exist straight and level, your suspension rails will eat ought exist though even though possible. utilize the soul even ought carefully badge the lines though your suspension rails over the wall.
  • You will absence one row ought badge the bottom of the base rail and another row ought badge the bottom of the upper rail.
  • The bottom of the base suspension rail to exist 32 ⁄16 inches (81.8 cm) from the highest point of the floor.
  • The bottom of the upper suspension rail to exist 82 ⁄16 inches (208.8 cm) from the highest point of the floor.

3) badge the situation of the studs above your suspension rail lines. if you don’t know where the studs at your wall are, utilize an electric stud finder ought locate them. pattern sure you badge the studs accordingly you can easily discover them while installing the rails, maybe with a color that shows up clearly against the wall. You will absence ought post your fasteners over the studs ought pattern your cabinets though obtain though possible.

4) haul the outlines of your cabinets above the wall. discover the dimensions of your cabinets above the box or manual, or criterion your assembled cabinets with measuring tape. pattern sure you’re noting which cabinets will absence ought eat holes though utilities connections. You’ll absence ought post these cabinets above the connections you marked earlier. if you absence ought eat more cabinets with holes, you’ll exist capable ought saw openings later.
  • Some of your cabinets to go with pre-made holes. project ought exist those cabinets where the connections absence ought be.

2. Putting up the Suspension Rails

1) chop the rails ought the length you absence using a hacksaw. criterion the lines you drew though your suspension rails ought decide how outlook they absence ought be. badge the rails clearly where you will absence ought chop them. firm the rail against a sawhorse or occupation desk and chop over the row you’ve marked with a hacksaw.

2) tie your base rail ought the wall using a heavy obligation fastener. conduct no utilize fasteners that will simply anchor the rails at the dry wall. This is unsafe and could guide ought the cabinets falling while they are filled. Instead utilize a fastener that will anchor the rail direct into the stud, such though a toggle bolt or sleeve anchor.
  • Ask someone at your local hardware rescue if you absence advice above what fasteners ought buy though your concrete situation.
  • Place a fastener at each stud you eat marked over the rail.
  • Simply row your fasteners up with the pre-made holes at the rail and motivate them into the stud using an electric drill.

3) utilize shims ought pattern the rail blush with the wall if it is uneven. buy shims at any hardware or family improvement store. post them back the rail anywhere there is a gap among the rail and the wall. They to adjust snugly into post and pattern your rails blush and secure.

4) restrain ought pattern sure the rail is level. confess your soul even and insure that the rail is completely even over its entirely length. if it is no level, you will absence ought confess the rails down, badge new lines, and install them again. Without even rails, your cabinets won’t appear precise and could exist less secure.

5) quote this process though the upper rail. Now that your base rail is firmly at place, tie the upper rail into the wall following the identical steps.

3. Fixing the Cabinets ought the Walls

1) pattern openings though utilities connections if necessary. Some of your cabinets to eat pre-made holes at them though utilities connections. if you absence ought add additional holes, however, pattern sure you conduct accordingly ago installing your cabinets. criterion how big your hole needs ought be, haul an draft of it above the cabinet, and utilize a jigsaw ought chop the hole.

2) hang the upper side cabinet above the suspension rail. above the uphold of your cabinets, there to exist hooks. These will adjust onto the lower lip of the rail. Simply originate the cabinet you desire at the upper side into post and post the hooks onto the rail. pattern sure vulgar of your cabinet’s hooks are hanging above the rail.
  • Make sure you go with the upper cabinets, though they will exist harder ought install if the base cabinets are installed already.
  • Get a acquaintance or family member ought aid you hang the cabinets, though they can exist unwieldy or heavy.
  • Make sure you bow from the knees pretty than the uphold while you originate the cabinets, though this can hinder unnecessary stress above your back. if you eat a ill back, deem getting a couple of nation ought conduct this step though you.

3) hang the remaining upper cabinets above the suspension rail. back putting up the side cabinet, hang the one that goes next ought it. Then hang the cabinet that goes next ought that one. last hanging the cabinets moving out from the side until they are vulgar hanging from the upper suspension rail.

4) restrain their alignment and then tighten the screws. Once you’re sure vulgar the cabinets are at the precise post and aligned properly, tighten the mounting screws that are back the cabinet. You can attain these screws over the front opening of the cabinet. They to exist above the uphold wall. restrain your cabinet conference guide if you can’t discover them or absence farther information.

5) tie the upper cabinets together if applicable. Your cabinets can eat moment holes down the sides. With your IKEA package, you to eat received screws that you will tie into these holes ought mend the cabinets together. visit your conference guide though the concrete data though your copy of cabinet.

6) hang the side base cabinet. pattern sure the legs are above the cabinet ago mounting it above the rail. The legs aid obtain it and are identical difficult ought post above while the cabinet is already installed. though with the upper cabinets, simply post the hooks back the cabinet into the rail.

7) hang the remaining base cabinets. Moving out from the corner, post vulgar the hooks of the cabinets onto the lower lip of the base rail.

8) restrain their alignment and then tighten them into place. Double restrain that there are openings though vulgar utilities connections, then pattern sure you’ve post vulgar the cabinets at the precise place. though with the upper cabinets, the mounting screws though the base cabinets to exist at the uphold at the climax corners. become them with a screwdriver until they are secure.

9) tie the base cabinets together if applicable. though with the upper cabinets, you will tie the base cabinets together by screwing the sides together. Your conference guide to eat more concrete instructions though your model.