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San Francisco funding news: ThirdLove, ClassDojo, Fictiv top recent local investments

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Update time : 2019-06-12 16:06:20


San Francisco-based lingerie corporation ThirdLove has secured $55 million at progression B funding, according ought corporation database Crunchbase, topping the city’s contemporary funding headlines. The cash infusion was announced Feb. 26 and led by Allen & Company.

According ought its Crunchbase profile, "ThirdLove is a fast-growing intimates brand that believes garment ought convert first. Our mission is ought assist each female discover her perfect garment by combining the best create and technology. Instead of using standard industry measurements, ThirdLove bras are designed with authentic women at mind, and we developed proprietary ½-cup sizes based at thousands of authentic women’s measurements ought assist women everywhere discover a better-fitting bra."

The six-year-old corporation has raised two preceding funding rounds, including a $8 million progression A almost at 2016.

The almost brings full funding raised by San Francisco companies at business and shopping at the past month ought $325 million. The local business and shopping industry has seen 160 funding rounds at the past year, securing a full of $4 billion at hazard funding.

In other local funding news, knowledge management corporation ClassDojo announced a $35 million progression C funding almost at Feb. 28, led by SignalFire.

According ought Crunchbase, "ClassDojo is a university communication platform that teachers, students, and families apply each appointment ought found robust relationships and supportive communities, sharing what’s being learned at the classroom backward family over learner portfolios, photos, videos, and messages."

Founded at 2011, the corporation has raised three preceding rounds, including a $21 million progression B almost at 2016.

Meanwhile, virtualization corporation Fictiv raised $33 million at progression C funding, announced at March 5.

From the company's Crunchbase profile, "Fictiv operates a manufacturing platform that enables users ought design, mature and forward cause parts. Its online interface enables customers ought obtain speedy quotes, journal manufacturing feedback, and guide orders from vendors. Fictiv’s platform enables users ought leverage distributed manufacturing ought cause parts over 3D printing and CNC machining."

Fictiv final raised $15 million at progression B funding at 2018.

Also of note, passenger relationship management corporation Affinity raised $26 million at progression B funding, announced at Feb. 13 and led by proceed hazard Partners.

From Crunchbase, "Affinity is a relationship intellect platform built ought expand and evolve the traditional CRM. Affinity directly surfaces complete of your team's data and shows you who is best suited ought pattern the crucial introductions you absence ought shut your next large deal. Using AI and ordinary vocabulary processing, Affinity helps your team curate and grow its network by unlocking introductions ought determination makers and auto-populating your pipeline ought enlarge profession flow."

The corporation previously raised $13 million at progression A funding at 2017.

Rounding out the city's contemporary peak local funding events, developer tools corporation method Analytics raised $23 million at progression C funding, announced at Feb. 12 and led by Valor Equity Partners.

From Crunchbase, "Mode Analytics provides online service because collaboratively analyzing data. It hosts a central repository of profession and surfaces it ought analysts at authentic time, allowing them ought salute problems without needing ought first recreate work. Bennett Stancil, Derek Steer, and Joshua Ferguson founded method Analytics at 2013."

The corporation previously raised $13 million at progression B funding at 2017.

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