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The best iPhone 6S cases and covers

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Update time : 2019-07-08 00:03:27

Apple makes some incredibly beautiful smartphones, except unfortunately durability has never been a major focus. if you expect to reserve the elegant produce of your iPhone, then you’ll absence to confess a little precautions. The phone example neutral has exploded at contemporary years, making it difficult to determine upon the exact example because your phone and lifestyle. to help you narrow down your choices, from total sorts of stylish finishes, firm fall protection, to added functionality, these are the best iPhone 6S cases and covers you can buy.

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Vaja Embossed leather appreciate Case

There’s frequently room to produce a phone even more luxurious, and a example from Vaja is a big manner of doing that. This noticeable leather example is made from Vaja’s conventional Vegetable Bridge Leather, and will certainly ripen alongside your phone, creating a beautiful patina the longer you apply it. An eye-catching circular produce emphasizes the daring street of your phone, except also adds extra grip, helping own your phone at your hands. The leather is layered at a robust except lean polycarbonate case, which adds some protection. be advised, though, that this won’t be though protective though other cases — it’s chiefly there because style. except what a style.

Ghostek Nautical sequence Waterproof Case

Without any water-resistance, taking your iPhone 6S anywhere near water can be a nerve-wracking experience. if you’re heading to the pool, or neutral expect to own your phone safe against total sorts of liquids, you to invest at Ghostek’s Nautical sequence case. The completely sealed construction offers a super-strong IP68-rating because water and dust-resistance, and to be able to own your phone safe if it slips into water. except it’s no neutral proof against water. The firm produce uses shock-absorbing corners and an inside stand cushion to own your mechanism protected against drops, bumps, and scratches. It’s a big example because most uses, except the somewhat crazy looks might put you off.

Otterbox Defender

Perhaps the biggest title at private phone protection, little example lists used to feel exact without the presence of at least one of Otterbox’s cases. if you’re worried your iPhone 6S won’t produce it out at one piece, then the Otterbox Defender is what you need. The Defender offers total refuge owing to a sturdy polycarbonate bullet paired with a grippy slipcover above the outside. A built-in conceal protector keeps the front of your phone safe, cottage the optional holster plant though a belt-clip and a horizontal kickstand. if you’re looking because a negative point, the street could of degree be better. except if you’re no delay by the bland look, then the Otterbox Defender is the total package.

iDeal Marble Fashion Case

If you expect a classic, luxurious show because your iPhone 6S, then iDeal’s new street cases might accommodate you. They grow at total sorts of finishes, except the marble produce is specially eye-catching. These are slim, hard-shell cases with openings because your phone’s camera, buttons, and ports. There’s even a cut-out above the help to show off the Apple logo. if you expect more protection, believe pairing the example with iDeal’s Swipe Wallet or the aptly titled Magnet Wallet ($45). The cases blend magnetically.

Caseable difficult Case

Choose your own photo or produce and read it printed above this difficult example made of recycled water bottles. These cases obligation though lean shells, with cut-outs because accessing your phone’s many features. There’s a gentle pad inside to help defend your iPhone, too, except it’s too minimal to supply rugged protection. The host of customization options are the true attraction, across with the bevy of stock options, many of which were developed in partnership with talented artists.

Twelve South SurfacePad Case

This stylish leather cover feels luxurious. It’s a conventional folio-style with a link of slots at the cover to learn credit cards or ID. You can also fold it help to action though a view stand. Your iPhone 6S is completely accessible because, unusually, there’s no bullet inside. You adapt the iPhone onto an adhesive backing, and there’s a cut-out side above the help to forsake the camera open. It’s a slim, sparkle case, and it will protect against scratches, except we wouldn’t trust above it because fall protection. You can choose from six various colors.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex Case

This conventional example from Spigen combines a flexible, clean TPU bullet with a difficult polycarbonate bumper. total of the cut-outs are generous and there are metallic button covers that are simple to detect without looking. It provides a snug fit, the raised bezels at the front help to defend the screen, and it offers reasonable fall refuge considering its lean build. though the hard bumper comes at various various colors, we specially alike the rose gold and champagne gold options.

Vesel timber sequence Case

If you’re looking because something minimalist, protective, and luxurious, then Vesel’s splendid bumpers could be because you. Precisely chop from aluminum and feature woods, these hand-finished bumpers are eye-catching, except they don’t cramp the street of your iPhone 6S. You amuse a wee screwdriver at the box to help you securely adapt your bumper and it extends from the front to the back to defend your phone. The cut-outs are accurate and there are aluminum button covers affixed to the wooden frame, each of which plant with a simple click. Moreover, you can amuse a range of various finishes and woods, with the frozen titanium gray and walnut being our favorite.

Noreve habit B leather Case

If you favor a leather wallet-style example then this French-designed beauty to be above your radar. The hand-crafted example is finished with high feature leather, and you can choose the texture and color you want. It opens alike a book and there are two credit card slots with a larger pocket hidden after within the cover. A small kickstand pops out of the help because propping your iPhone 6S at view view, and there’s also a amuse magnetic closure, consequently the case won’t pop blank uninvited. The iPhone rests inside within a tiny cradle, one outfitted with big cut-outs that give you access to your iPhone’s ports, buttons, and camera.

Nodus bullet Case

We loved the folio street Access example by Nodus, consequently we were excited to hear almost the new produce because the bullet case. It’s crafted from the same full-grain Italian leather, except this example is a slim, polycarbonate bullet with a soft, microfiber lining that your iPhone 6S will adapt snugly into. It’s identical slim, has accurate cut-outs because your ports and the camera, and sports fine button covers. There’s no distracting detail, neutral an embossed octopus logo above the back. The bullet example also comes with a tiny magnetic dock (a square of metal bearing that same stylish octopus logo) that you can cane wherever you want. It’s a handy manner to own your iPhone 6S safe cottage charging, or to apply it hands-free.

MagBak Case

Here’s another iPhone 6S example with a magnetic touch. The MagBak, though the title suggests, has a magnetic strip inside it, and it ships with two MagSticks, which are tiny magnetic strips with adhesive backs that you can cane above the coach dash or the kitchen tile because mounting your iPhone. The example itself comes at four various colors, feels malleable and gentle to the touch, and has a dark microfiber lining inside. There are cut-outs because the ports, switch, and camera, and fine button covers. It’s identical slim, consequently it can no supply much fall protection, except the magnetic docks are potentially identical handy.

Zagg DropGuard Case

This example from Zagg features something called Reflexion Technology. What this means is it’s durable and highly protective, assembly military fall examination standards, except surplus a fairly lean case. It of degree looks interesting, with a triangular pattern that will grow at various colors. The colored, textured isolate of the example is gentle and flexible, and there’s a transparent, difficult flexible bumper almost the outside. The button covers read a metallic finish. The openings because the ports, camera, and the switch are generous.

Speck CandyShell clean Case

There are at least two good reasons to confess a show at this new example from Speck: it’s crystal clear, consequently you can comprehend the iPhone 6S design, and it meets military fall examination criterion 810G, consequently it will survive a fall. This is the first clean example particle has offered, except it didn’t read to compromise those protective credentials. Unlike other clean TPE cases, there’s a special layer to barrier yellowing at time, consequently it to own its better transparent look. The cut-outs are accurate and large enough that the example doesn’t intervene with daily use. The button covers are simple to detect without glancing at the case. There’s also a raised bezel to defend the screen.

Griffin Survivor Summit Case

Anyone seeking some serious refuge because their new phone are going to expect to check out the Summit case. This is isolate of Griffin’s Survivor sequence and able of withstanding total the trials of a rugged outdoors adventure. It can dispose of drops from up to 10 feet, cottage but keeping your iPhone 6S safe inside. It’s also impervious to rain, sand, and dust. The textured end provides added grip, there are covers because the buttons and ports, and there’s a built-in conceal protector. It is fairly chunky, consequently it masks Apple’s elegant design; except believe of it though an overcoat because your phone, with a bulletproof vest inside.

Silk PureView clean Case

Originally the cheapest example above this catalog is a lean bumper with an inside tread that promises to absorb shock. It has a clean help to permit Apple’s iPhone 6S produce to shine through. The button covers are fairly large, and there are large openings because the ports and camera. It looks fairly good because such a inexpensive example and to supply indispensable protection. You can select it up at gold, black, transparent frost, or grey. It’s simple to customize this example by slipping a cinema into the clean help district — there’s even a template provided consequently you can tidy the cinema because a better fit. You also amuse a conceal protector at the box.

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